“In the Mekong Delta of Viet Nam Phil Ward proved to be an outstanding Infantry Platoon Leader. Now he has shown he is also a skilled military fiction writer. His Raiding Forces series will capture a new generation of readers. His extensive research is evident and I will look forward to reading of the future exploits of Major John Randal and his band of Commandos…”

—Tom Rowan,
LTC(R), US Army Special Forces,

“Phil Ward is a highly decorated special warfare infantry officer. I have served with him in combat, as his commanding officer, and know firsthand that he is meticulous in the way he plans and executes combat
operations. The books within the Raiding Force Series fully reflect this mindset, and Phil’s extensive special warfare training and experience. They are soundly based on real combat situations and historical happenings that Phil inventively weaves into fascinating stories. Phil’s books are fast-moving, suspenseful and absorbing, but easy to read and follow. This new book, Guerrilla Command, will be a great addition to this Series.”

—Charles Hardin,
LTC(Ret) Infantry

Phil Ward’s “Those Who Dare” is a phenomenal action yarn. This is historical military fiction at its finest. In the years before Pearl Harbor, American Lieutenant John Randall has joined the British Army, and has been “left” in Calais. His job is to help slow the advancing Germans, who threaten to cut off the British retreat from the continent. He takes a small band of men and uses guerilla tactics to not only get soldiers out of Calais but to slow the Germans’ advance on the main retreat at Dunkirk. His unconventional success leads him to a command he could never have imagined.

Phil Ward gives us great characters that he places in England under siege in 1940, and the formation of the “Small Raiding Force”. Written in a similar style to that of renowned military fictionist W.E.B. Griffin, Ward gives you a real taste of the British military early in World War II. This book is a page turner that was very difficult to put down, and the ending left you wanting more. Fortunately, book two in the series “Dead Eagles” is now available on Amazon. I received a free copy of “Those Who Dare” for the purpose of review, but I’ll happily purchase the sequel and subsequent books. A series is born.

–G. Jones “Through One Man’s Eyes” (South Carolina, USA)

1) This is a new author I had never heard of before

2) I really enjoyed the story right from the start. Great characters, great story, a really well-crafted novel.

3) I always appreciate the effort authors put into the details. Mr. Ward did a great job. Just enough to be real but he didn’t wear me out.

4) I enjoyed the story. The way it is told makes everyone want to be part of the team. I can’t believe that the real armed forces work that way.

5) Long enough to make it a two night read, good enough to make me pick out the next work “Dead Eagles”.

6) If you want a great WWII story from a “new” author, pick up this book

—J. Larson (North Carolina)

“This book (Dead Eagles) is a great sequel to Those Who Dare. In reading the original book I found it to be compelling and engaging and I have to say that the author has kept this up for his second novel. What I love about this author is his painstaking attention to detail. This, of course, comes form his military background, but never-the-less it is still something that was very pleasant to experience and something that definitely was an important addition to the plot and overall readability of the book itself, in my opinion.” (read the full review here)

—Dad of Divas,

“As the men endure, the story bounces, thanks to Ward’s humor, light romantic intrigue, and his amazingly accurate reproduction of 1940s’ British speech, down to every slang phrase and inflection …” Read the entire review here.

—Elizabeth Breau

“I have read many war books, but none like this. It will grab you on page one and not turn you loose until the final page. I understand Phil Ward’s second book is in the hopper, and I can’t wait until it comes out. If you are looking for a military thriller based on actual events, Those Who Dare is a great read.”

—Dan Savage, retired publisher, Waco Tribune-Herald

“With sound intelligence on assigned targeted area, a small force trains repetitiously in utmost secrecy to deliver a surprise blow to a much larger and better-armed enemy. This World War II story contains a model blueprint for successful joint service special operations raids by modern-day military forces. It describes a small, well-recruited, volunteer ground force led by a proven commander whose clearly defined mission is supported by elements of naval and air forces.

—Colonel John Gargus, USAF (Ret.),
author of The Son Tay Raid:American POWs in Vietnam Were Not Forgotten

“…great read, loved the planning details, too many people just don’t know how important good planning is, particularly Mister Murphy lurking, whether in a novel or for real.”


“Mr. Ward, I recently finished your book and loved every page. I have never learned so much about commando and jump training or the thought in application for the early war years. The Calais screening led by Lt. Randal was riveting. I have encouraged my wife to include your book on the recommended reading list for her ‘Families of WWII Veterans’ non profit organization.”

–Ken Williams

“This book (Those Who Dare) was a great work of historical fiction. You are drawn into the story and can trusly see and experience the excitment of the story itself. When I lived in Wisonsin our neighbor was a WWII veteran and I always loved listening to his stories. This book brought some of his stroies back into my mind. The author has done a great job at developing the storyline as well as the characters and as a reader you want to see what happens next and whether the operation will succed or fail. If you enjoy books that are full of action, drama and military operations/tactics, you should definitely check this book out!” (read the full review here)

—Dad of Divas,

What do they say – Don’t judge a book by its cover? Well I must apologise to the author, sorry. With no reviews at all to go on, and from a little research on my part, I saw the Vietnam-esque patch on the front cover, and that it was written by an American, with an American hero fighting with the British at the outset of the war and thought, well to be truthful, I wrongly thought that it was another how the Americans won the Second World war type book! Nothing could be further from the truth – the main character just happens to be American, he could have been from any country – everyone in the book is a hero from the Canadian pilot, the female SOE’s and the plethora of ‘stiff upper lipped’ British servicemen. I therefore apologise unreservedly for my wrong assumption and recommend this book to everyone – particularly those who enjoy a good WW2 fictional story.

A thoroughly researched, intelligent, entertaining and extremely good book. The author captures the mood of Britain in the early war years and explains all the weapons, tactics and special forces training (or lack of it at the time) with wonderful military knowledge and insight. The first half of the book details the setting up of a special raiding force similar to the lines of the army Commandos. I also particularly liked the way he holds back on the main character details/history introducing it gradually later on – more realistic, it’s as if you are one of the characters who meet this strong silent reserved officer hero type and only begin to discover his softer and more human side as you journey with him.

I have called this a hidden treasure and that is because it is one of those books you find at the back of the bookshop where no ones goes which turns out to be a joy of a find, a very good read and you want to recommend it to all your friends. Get it – enjoy it and don’t make silly assumptions like I did.

I also understand this is the first in a series of books. Fantastic – keep up the good work Mr Ward.

—5 Star Review by Lovat on UK

Dead Eagles provides a perfect bridge between Roger’s Rangers and the Navy Seal’s takedown of Osama bin Laden. Raiding Forces will take on any mission that involves the cutting-edge of danger and the chance to meet an evil enemy up close and personal. Once again, Phil Ward reveals the heart and soul of special operations through the eyes of Major John Randal, Captain Terry “Zorro” Stone, and Captain Lady Jane Seaborn as they dismantle one Nazi operation after another, with help from the likes of Ian Fleming and British Secret Intelligence. Dead Eagles clearly establishes the Raiding Forces series, and its author as a force to be reckoned with.  Stand by for book three!”

—Ray Mann, Captain, U.S. Army (ret)
Commander, “Mann’s Marauders”
A 2/39, Vietnam

Dead Eagles carries the reader like a knife at the ready through fast paced special operations adventures. Phil Ward clearly writes from extensive military experience and research. Dozens of historical legends and training references leap from the pages of history to the pages of this book. Dead Eagles is a mission well accomplished.”

—Paul Macdonald, Macdonald Armouries,
Commando D Living History Group

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