The Characters

Lieutenant John Randal — a veteran of the US 26th Calvary Regiment, Philippien Scouts now a volunteer serving in the Rangers Territorial Regiment. An expert in guerilla tactics, he is sent to the Kings Royal Rifle Corp in Calais, France assigned to the Green Jacket Brigade, the ‘Spartans’ of the British Expeditionary Force. Escaping France, he is authorized to raise a small-scale commando unit to carry out hit and run raids on the French coast.

Lieutenant Terry ‘Zorro’ Stone — a decorative cavalry officer of the 2nd Life Guards, graduate of Eton,member of the exclusive club Pop, Whites, the Beauford Hunt, youngest son of a Duke and fabled family black sheep with a penchant for fast women. He recruits the polo teams from the Life and Horse Guards for Combined Operations to form Raiding Forces for Lieutenant Randal.

Lady Jane Seaborne — generally described as ‘drop dead gorgeous,’ she is drop dead gorgeous. The fabulously wealthy widow of a Royal Navy destroyer skipper whose ship was sunk off Norway, she is a member of Special Operations Executive commissioned as a Royal Marine lieutenant.

Captain ‘Geronimo’ Joe McKoy — claims to have been a scout for the US Calvary,a veteran of the charge up San Juan Hill and a former Arizona Ranger. Currently he is in England entertaining the troops with his ‘Wild West Show and Shooting Emporium.’

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